Save time and be ready for whatever the fall semester holds.

Flipping STEM will help you build an inclusive and engaging environment that flexes to any location: remote, in-person, or both. 

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Will you be ready to adjust when your classroom moves?  

With Flipping STEM, you've got this.

"Students say they've never had this much fun in math."

- Wendy Fresh, Flipping STEM instructor

The Flipped+ model is about more than students watching video's and doing homework. Jessica and Wendy developed this approach to increase equity and engagement.

In this training and mentoring course, instructors will learn how to create an inclusive environment where learners are engaged and met where they are in terms of their level of understanding. 

Both students who come in loving STEM classes and those who are struggling will get the support they need, thus developing an understanding that is deep and meaningful... and fun. 

"I loved it! A practical, hands on program to help me teach better in the fall!"

Jacob Winters
Blackhawk College

Save Time

Prep for fall classes in a way that easily works with remote and face-to-face classrooms

Get a Certificate

Receive 8 professional development hours and a badge in flipped instruction.

Make Progress

Leave this class with a completely created Flipped+ plan for one section of your class.

Where your classroom will be this fall can change.

  • Flipping STEM is the solution to this evolving situation.
  • Prep once with using the Flipped+ model and then easily switch between remote or face-to-face classrooms 
  • Flipped learning has been proven to get students to enjoy the work, see results, and come back for more. 

"I love the girls excitement for education and for helping teachers teach. Their methods are well researched, well presented and well clarified. Excellent training."

Lori Butts
Marshall High School

The Flipped+ Model in the News

Flipping STEM Makes it Easy to Flip Your Classes

1. Sign up for Flipping STEM

Register for the live, interactive sessions that cover the planning and implementation phases of flipping your class. 

Group rates available

 2. Attend the Training

Six live and interactive sessions over two days will give you a solid foundation

Our highly skilled trainers support you while you begin creating content 

3. Watch Your Students Thrive

Soon you'll feel more comfortable and confident about your fall classes.

Your students will be more engaged, more excited and learning more than ever before. 

Can I flip a STEM Class?

Spoiler alert: Yes you can, and this is how.

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"It was awesome. The presenters were very knowledgeable, and willing to answer all questions. The resources are so helpful and plentiful."

Wendy Havens
United High School, United CUSD #304

The Flipping STEM program includes:


One day of four live, interactive sessions that cover the preparation and planning phases of flipping a class including:

  • In-depth overview of the Flipped+ model

  • Videos: How to create your own easily that meet accessibility guidelines and how to find premade ones
  • Activities: How to create your own and where to find high-quality existing ones 
  • How to implement activities in either a synchronous or asynchronous course
  • Creating the Learning and Practice assignments for the Flipped+ model
  • One half day of two live, interactive sessions that cover the implementation phase of flipping including:
  • Grouping students effectively for activities

  • The teacher's role in the flipped classroom
  • Questions and answers

"My average on exams is roughly 10% higher." 

Stephanie Yurasits, Mathematics Department Chair of Portland Community College.


Between the two days of live sessions, you will complete assignments for one section of content you teach to help you create a flipped class. These include creating a video and notes page for it, creating an activity and worksheet for it, and creating an assignment.

A Slack channel will be available for participants to talk with each other and Jessica and Wendy about the work they are doing on their classes. This approach provides a safe and effective way to interact as well as helps teachers make progress with support.

You will leave this class with a completely created Flipped+ plan for one section of your class and the ability to transfer these skills to any subject and/or course you teach.

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Who is the training for? 

  • Middle school, high school, and college faculty in any STEM discipline 

  • Individual faculty as well as departments

  • Instructional designers supporting STEM faculty

About the Instructors

Jessica Bernards and Wendy Fresh have been teaching mathematics at both the college and high school level since 2005 and 1990, respectively. Currently they are both full-time tenured professors at Portland Community College. They have taught a wide range of mathematics courses from arithmetic up through Calculus, not only on campus but in hybrid courses and online courses as well.

Both Jessica and Wendy are members of AMATYC (American Mathematics Association of Two Year Colleges), with Jessica also a member of AMATYC’s Project ACCESS Cohort 9. In this cohort, Jessica developed a study skills program specifically related to mathematics. This program is now used at more than 30 colleges and high schools nationwide, and significant data from those schools has shown that students who use the program have higher rates of success and retention.

Jessica received the national Leila and Simon Peskoff award for her work in this area. Read more →

Frequently Asked Questions

The live sessions will be offered in Zoom, and a Slack channel will be used for discussion. You will receive login information after you register.

Yes! This model can be used in any type of course - online, hybrid, or in-person. Once you have prepared a Flipped+ class you will be able to seamlessly go between these three modalities with minimal transitional prep time.

Many faculty have unused or reimbursed professional development funds from cancelled events. Another option is to use some of the CARES Act funds that your college receives. If neither option works, reach out to your dean, department chair, or principal and ask if they will allocate some funding to this training. 

Any STEM subject in any grade from middle school through graduate school. The instructors will use math and other STEM subjects as examples. The methods can be adjusted to many subjects.


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