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2020-21 + 2021-22

The Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness Act (PWR Act) and its  implementation policies require that all Illinois high schools implement in 2020-2021 or 2021-2022 a transitional math course that has been approved portable.

What does that mean for your high school?

You will have to meet certain requirements to gain portability. Portability is a stamp of approval that signifies your course has met the bar for content, instruction, assessment, and policies.

The problem is that understanding the portability process takes time, and it can be confusing. There are multiple forms you have to fill out carefully to address all the requirements. There is a local panel you have to have your course approved by. There is also a state panel that approves partnership courses. All of this takes time since you’re working in conjunction with your local community college. The deadline for spring submission is March 1, so much has to be done in a short period of time.

Free content about portability has been provided to apply for it. The issue is that you will have to decipher that content, make sure you are using the correct forms, and that you have completed them fully. It can be done, but it is time consuming and tedious.

Our Solution

To make the entire process of applying for portability simpler and faster, we have created a short online course with on-demand training. This course has just what you need and nothing extra. It includes short videos with graphics to make sense of the portability process. It also includes support for the documentation process with forms partially completed for commonly used materials. The course is an inexpensive and fast solution to a problem that every high school needing portability will face.

Course Features

First, the course includes five modules, each with one or more short videos to break down the concepts. The videos work to provide you with a greater understanding of the process as well as how to complete the required documentation in the spirit intended.

Second, within the documentation modules are templates partially completed of forms you will need to submit. The templates align with either the statewide materials or the textbook Math Lit. These documents will significantly reduce the amount of time you need to spend on documentation and provide you a quality product to submit. 

Next, there is a private Facebook board for all portability course members. 

Last, there is a recording of a Q&A with Michael Caparula, a founding and current portability panel member, in which he answers common questions about the process.

Portability Workshop


Module 1: Portability Players and Process

Module 2: Documentation for High Schools

Module 3: Documentation for Colleges

Module 4: Submission Process: Before, During, and After

Module 5: Course Wrap-up 


The course is available for $197. The course will stay open as long as it is needed.


We cannot guarantee you will receive portability, but this course and the provided resources will help you to understand portability, speed up the application process, and apply with confidence. 

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Enroll in the Illinois Portability Workshop, an inexpensive and fast solution to a problem that every high school needing portability will face with their transitional math implementation.

Course Consultants

These consultants at Almy Education have worked together to create a course to help you apply for portability with confidence. Each person brings a wealth of knowledge about Illinois transitional math, but with different perspectives and roles.


Kathleen Almy

Kathleen Almy

Kathleen Almy is the former Illinois director for transitional math. She led the statewide implementation of transitional math for over two years, working with hundreds of high schools and all Illinois community colleges. She was part of the development team for the portability process. 


Michael Caparula

Michael Caparula
Portability Q&A

Michael Caparula is a math professor at Kankakee Community College as well as a portability panel member. He has been involved with transitional math since it began in early 2017. He brings a strong understanding of the process and a balanced viewpoint.

Jessie Rezba

Jessie Rezba

Jessie Rezba is a high school math teacher at Herscher High School, a school in the Kankakee Community College partnership. She has taught transitional math using the Almy/Foes text Math Lit and authored approved portability documentation for her partnership using these materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who is part of the portability application process. For a high school, this is typically the principal but staff from an ROE or EFE may be involved. For a community college, this is usually the liaison. Anyone who is serving on a local advisory panel is also well suited for the course.

To go through it will take around 2 hours. It’s broken into small chunks so you don’t have to watch all of it in one sitting. Completing the documents and working with your local advisory panel adds time to the process. We encourage you to watch the course as soon as you can so that you have time to work on the documents locally.

To create and host the course, a tremendous amount of time, people, and resources have been involved so that the course provides a quality experience.

No. That is the decision of the statewide panel and local advisory panel. Our role is to create a way to understand the requirements and apply with confidence. But we cannot guarantee you will receive portability with your application. The Facebook board will remain open. We encourage you to reach out if you do not receive portability so that we can provide guidance.

The paperwork takes time, and we want the schools applying to feel comfortable with their application. You can take the course when you like since it will be available for at least two years.

Enroll Now

Enroll in the Illinois Portability Workshop, an inexpensive and fast solution to a problem that every high school needing portability will face with their transitional math implementation.


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