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Empowering Remote Teachers with Immediate Skills

Join Almy Education this week as we provide valuable, timely educator webinars, workshops, and problem solving sessions with our leading math practitioners. Workshops are live and provide skills and information for immediate implementation in your remote classes.

A note on cost: We understand that in this time of crisis, everyone is affected in some way. That is true for our business as well. We are offering several free resources. We are also offering some paid items that can help teachers in this crisis at a deep discount (almost 90% off). We want to provide the services and tools you and your students need while allowing our business to operate during this time.

How to Move Your Math Class Online with Maria Andersen

On March 14, Almy Education offered a free live 90-minute webinar from Maria Andersen to help high school and college math teachers move their courses online due to school closures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This webinar was a short term solution to support schools moving from face-to-face instruction to remote instruction, synchronously or asynchronously. 

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NEW!  How to Use Kahoot! and Desmos Activity Builder Effectively with Remote Instruction

This free webinar covers how to use Kahoot! and Desmos Activity Builder in both synchronous and asynchronous remote instruction. Participants will experience these platforms from both the instructor and student perspective as well as the various ways they can be implemented. You will have the time to try out these platforms remotely with experts. This will allow you to immediately implement these tools in your classroom.
60 minutes
Instructors: Jessica Bernards and Wendy Fresh
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Active Learning + Immediate Feedback = Success in Math

This self-paced course covers how to successfully motivate and engage students in your classroom through active learning using features like those that have turned the fitness device industry into a booming market.

You will learn how to use the Desmos Activity Builder, Kahoot! and Blind Kahoot!s, and Math Mazes.

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It is available for $9.99 currently. Regular price is $97.


NEW!  Creating Effective Discussion Boards for Math and Science Classes 

Do your online discussion boards feel more like busywork? Are students just going through the motions posting questions and completing tasks for points? Inthis online workshop, you'll learn and practice five types of discussion board assignments that focus on collaboration and learning. Then we'll go over best practices for crafting and grading your own engaging discussion board assignments for learning.  

60 minutes
Instructor: Maria Andersen
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NEW!  Join the Secret Technology Club

If you think that technology power‐users have a whole bunch of “secret” tricks and shortcuts, you might be right. We’ve been immersed in computer‐use for decades now, but very few of us have had much formal training. We learn through trial and error, but it’s difficult to learn what you don’t know exists!  Years of working in professional development and the software industry have given me a selection of random tricks and tips about browsers, software, productivity hacks, secrets to speed up your grading, and really useful phone apps that many average (and even above average) computer users do not know. If you suspect you’ve fallen behind and would like to fill some of those silly technology gaps, this online workshop is for you. You too can become a member of the “Secret Technology Club” by learning and sharing these secret technology handshakes. 
Friday, March 20, 2 pm Central, Live
Length: 60 minutes  
Instructor: Maria Andersen  
NOTE: Only registrants of the online workshop will receive the recording. It will NOT be available for purchase afterwards.

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Designing and Implementing an Effective Online Course 

Designing and teaching a fully online class has differences from moving a course to remote instruction. There is much more involved to move all content, instruction, and interaction to an online modality. Maria Andersen is an expert at this and is offering a full day of live online workshops to support teachers who will be teaching an online course or already do but want to increase engagement and improve outcomes.

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